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Sweden: Imam Who Labelled Jews ‘Monkeys and Pigs’ Fined by Court, Given Conditional Jail Time……..


The koran directly calls both Christians and Jews the descendants of Apes and pigs…


Sweden: Imam Who Labelled Jews ‘Monkeys and Pigs’ Sentenced

A 39-year-old Imam in the Swedish city of Helsingborg has been sentenced to fines and a conditional prison sentence after labelling Jews “the progeny of monkey’s and pigs.”


The Imam made the remarks during a demonstration organised by the Swedish-Palestinian centre in July of 2017 after he was called on by organisers to speak, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.


The man admitted that his speech, which was given in Arabic rather than Swedish, contained the hateful phrases but defended himself by claiming that they were not directed at all Jews but rather at the Jewish state of Israel instead.


“We think that the speech in its entirety states that the statement was about Jews with a view to their religion, not the regime or the military power,” the court said in a press release.


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