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Daniel Greenfield: A Shameless Lying MSNBC Hack Is The Face Of The Media……..


They all are…


Lies, smears and the new media normal.

At the end of July, MSNBC’s biggest and dullest conspiracy theorist got some very bad news.


After over a year of booming ratings, The Rachel Maddow Show’s viewership had crashed. It had been a long road for Maddow, the former blonde Catholic high school girl who had decided she wanted to be a media personality and ended up with an MSNBC show through the efforts of Keith Olbermann.


And after Keith was gone, MSNBC had to settle for a slightly less effeminate version of Olbermann.


Maddow had retained the key elements of Olbermann’s personality, the unhinged conspiracy theories, histrionic delivery, the dark hair and even the fashionably ugly boxy black glasses. The former blonde not only looked and sounded like Olbermann, but she had learned to hit the same buttons in her audience.


One man had made her MSNBC career possible and another moved her show into the top cable spot.


That man was Robert Mueller. There was no Russian conspiracy theory too bizarre or insane to earn a rant from Rachel. Going where few dared go, Maddow began insisting that Russia was conducting a “continuing operation” and might even be in control of the White House and the entire country now.


And then the Mueller Report and later, Mueller’s testimony, destroyed all of Maddow’s conspiracies.


At the height of her Russian conspiracy theories in which she connected everyone and their uncle to Moscow, Maddow had could boast 4 million viewers while claiming to be the top cable news show. In July, she had fallen to fifth place without even 2.5 million viewers to scrape together for her rants.

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