Muslim persecution of Christians Nigeria

Nigeria: Christian refuses to deny faith to Muslim Boko Haram, loses right hand…….


The persecution of Christians goes on without much notice by the WCC or Western leaders…

‘When He Refused to Deny Christ, They Cut Off His Right Hand’: Nigerian Christians Describe Horrific Attacks By Boko Haram


ABUJA, NIGERIA –  It’s Sunday morning in Nigeria, and Christians across the country are heading to church. As part of the continent’s largest Christian community, believers here have their choice of places to worship. Here at Family Worship Center, led by Pastor Sarah Omakwu, a graduate of Regent University, thousands lift their hands in praise.


But just a few miles away on this Sunday, these people try to find enough food to survive another day.


I visited a refugee camp for people who have been internally displaced from their villages in the north and to the west. There are about 2.5 million internally displaced people within Nigeria, and that makes this one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world right now. And the thing that all of these people have in common is that they are Christians.


Burning Churches, Killing Members


“They started with burning churches, killing the pastors, and killing the members. Shutting them down,” he said.


“On 29 September 2014 was the day that they attacked my village.  Around ten I had a call that they have killed my dad. They asked him to deny Christ and when he refused they cut off his right hand. Then he refused [again], they cut to the elbow. In which he refused, before they shot him in the forehead, the neck, and chest,” Yeohanna went on.


Many of the 1,500 Christians living in this camp have similar stories. Like Hanatu Katghaya, a volunteer school teacher, who had to flee on foot into Cameroon carrying her three-year-old daughter on her back.


“We escaped from Boko Haram. I walked for two months before I reached Nigeria,” she told us.


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