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Daniel Greenfield: “Is Trump’s Response To MSNBC Smear a Turning Point In Media Disinformation……?


We can only hope that it is…

Ever since the law was changed in the US regarding suing members of the media, this kind of scumbaggery has increased and emboldened these miscreants.


Daniel Greenfield

Let’s recap.

Lawrence O’Donnell, the most unstable yapper on MSNBC’s disinformation network, decided to go all in on a pretty extreme accusation.


“The source says that Deutsche Bank is in possession of loan documents that show Donald Trump has obtained loans with co-signers, and that he would not have been able to obtain those loans without co-signers,” O’Donnell said. “The source close to Deutsche Bank says that the co-signers of Donald Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans are Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin.”
“If true, that would explain every kind word Donald Trump has ever said about Russia and Vladimir Putin, if true,” he continued. “If true, that would be a significant factor in Vladimir Putin’s publicly stated preference for presidential candidate Donald Trump over presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

If true. Very big word. If.

MSNBC booking producer Michael Del Moro tweeted the following morning that not only has O’Donnell never seen the relevant documents, neither has his source.

NBC can’t confirm the reporting.


More here.

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