Afghanistan: Son of famed commander Massoud wants to galvanise anti-Taliban groups and stop new wave of hardline Islam…….


He wants to stop classical, Islam 101, the Islam Mohamed had founded…


His father, Ahmad Massoud, led the Afghan factions of the Northern Alliance fighting the Soviets who despised the Taliban. Osama bin-Laden had him murdered a day before his attack on 9/11…


Son of famed Afghan commander Massoud steps into spotlight



Eighteen years after the assassination of revered anti-Taliban commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, his only son is hoping to continue the mission against the insurgents by jumping into Afghanistan’s chaotic political fray.


With America seemingly on the brink of a deal with the Taliban that would see the Pentagon slash its troop presence in Afghanistan, 30-year-old Ahmad Massoud wants to galvanise anti-Taliban groups and stop the emboldened fighters from ushering in a new wave of hardline Islam.


Following in the steps of his father, who rallied various groups under the banner of the United Front — also known as the Northern Alliance — the younger Massoud wants to build a grand coalition of anti-Taliban elements that can oppose the insurgents politically at first, and militarily if necessary.


“I really pray and hope that Afghans and Afghanistan never see another bloodshed,” Massoud told AFP in an interview at a family home in Kabul.


“God forbid. But if it comes, not just myself, but there are… hundreds of thousands of young people who are like me. We are ready to pick up guns.”


Massoud plans to officially launch his political movement on September 5 in Panjshir, his family’s original home valley north of Kabul that neither the Soviets nor the Taliban ever conquered.

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