Paleostinians Palestinian Authority US US State Department

“Paleostinian Authority” now a persona non-grata at US State Dept…….


That’s got to piss off  the Arabists at State…GOOD!


US State Department removes all mention of Palestinian Authority

‘Palestinian Authority,’ Palestinian territories’ no longer appear on official State Department website.


State Department building


The US State Department website has deleted the Palestinian Authority from the list of countries and areas on its website.


Until recently, ‘Palestinians’ appeared on the site under the name ‘Palestinian Authority’ and before that the ‘Palestinian Territories’.


Over the past year there has been a significant devaluation of the Palestinian status on the US side, with the State Department ordering to remove any reference that included the word ‘occupied territories’ in reference to the Palestinian Arabs.


Now the very existence of a Palestinian Authority is not present on the official website representing the US State Department.



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