Malmö in Finland: More policemen being shot, two more in Porvoo…….


Finland, after years of warning, appears to be on the verge of becoming another Sweden…

Suspects still at large in shooting of two police officers in southern Finland

Police described as inaccurate local media reports that the suspects had been held.


Porvoossa oli meneillään suuri poliisioperaatio varhain sunnuntaina 25. elokuuta. Tutkintaa tehtiin Ölstensin teollisuusalueella.

Media reports indicated that the operation wrapped up early Sunday morning.
 Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva


Two police officers were reportedly shot while on duty in the southern Finland town of Porvoo on Saturday night. Regional paper Uusimaa reported Sunday the suspected shooters had been detained by police. However the Itä-Uusimaa police department refuted the claims.


The incident reportedly occurred in the Eestinmäki district of Porvoo, a town some 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. Media reported that authorities conducted a large-scale operation in the area following the shooting, in which heavily armed police stopped and searched motorists on the Porvoo highway.


A helicopter was deployed to sweep the area for the suspects while tactical officers from the specialist Bear Team unit also joined the manhunt.


Yle reporter Emil Johansson said that the operation appeared to wrap up around 6.30 on Sunday morning, when the last police vehicles left the area.


The wounded police officers received treatment for their injuries and were said to be in no grave danger, field chief Olavi Merihaara told Uusimaa.


“They are now in good hands at the hospital and doing well,” Merihaara said.


Police were otherwise tight-lipped about the details of the case and said they would provide an update at 10.00am on Sunday.


Edit: Updated at 9.40am to indicate that police said the suspected shooters had not been held.



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