Gates of Vienna Islamic misogyny

Gates of Vienna: Islam: Men Versus Women


It’s always been that way, from the very beginning in spite of all the spin…


Islam: Men Versus Women

Islam: Men Versus Women

by SF

It’s easy to see why men like Islam: they are favored in every way. They can have arranged marriages, and up to four wives. If they tire of one of their wives, they can divorce her on the spot and get a new model. They can rape and beat their wives whenever they want. The women and children they capture in jihad become their sex slaves forever. And if they die in the course of jihad, they are whisked to the Muslim sexual paradise and receive 72 eternally virgin busty angels.


In contrast, it does not seem very attractive to be a Muslim woman. She is always owned by a man; first her father, and then her husband. Her father arranges her marriage, and can kill her if she dishonors him. She is subject to genital mutilation (which the Muslims call female circumcision). She cannot go out in public unless heavily covered, and is limited in all her interactions with men. She cannot divorce without consent of her husband. She is limited to one husband at a time, and can never marry a non-Muslim. Her testimony in court is limited, as well as her right to inheritance. If she is raped and reports it, but cannot find four Muslim male witnesses to testify in her favor, then she herself is found guilty of fornication and/or adultery, and is whipped or stoned to death!


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