anti-Semitism Donald Trump

President Donald Trump: “Jews who vote democrat have a lack of knowledge or great disloyalty” …….


American Jews who consistently vote for a party actively working against their values, and against their co-religionists in Israel, are in fact naive and disloyal to their own kind. It’s “Jewicidal”.


Donald Trump speaks from the heart, what he feels this situation is and what is called for. He’s the only US politician presently that consistently has his finger on what ails the country, what he’s working against, and calling them out for what they are. We do not need more “civility”, something of which has led the US to the precipice. No, what we need are more Trumps.


What Trump said:


Our buddy Vlad: 

Israeli TV host shows how Trump is 100% correct about progressive Jews and what the result might be for them:

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