Converts to Islam Islam in Australia

TR Network: Watch what really happened in Sydney terror attack…….



New information and video footage have emerged of the ‘Sydney stabber’, suggesting it was an Islamic extremist inspired attack in Australia yesterday.


According to DailyMail reports, the 21-yr-old Sydney stabber Mert Ney recently converted to Islam and had previously threatened to attack a Music festival.


Police have also stated that Mr Ney had a USB stick ‘containing some ideologies related to terrorism.’


This morning, leaked new vision shows the moment the Sydney stabber Mert Ney was taken away by police. In it, he can be seen in the back of a police van saying: “Allahu Akbar he will protect me… Allah is the greatest”.


Nonetheless, police claim this attack was not terror-related and that Mr Ney is just mentally ill.


We’ve heard this argument before, pretty much every terror attack — but this time police are insisting they mean it.


Have they never heard about the boy who cried wolf? If this guy is just a nut, how could we possibly believe them now?


But I don’t anyways.


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