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US: Jihadi Stabs Three Canadian Soldiers, Canadian Court Sends Him To College…….


Mind-numbing stupidity…



What could possibly go wrong?

Robert Spencer


The Ontario Review Board, the top court in Canada’s most populous province, struck a strong blow against “Islamophobia” Monday when it granted permission to a young Muslim named Ayanle Hassan Ali to attend Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Surely only venomous Islamophobes would want to deny an enterprising Muslim the opportunity to better himself, right? After all, all Ayanle Hassan Ali did was stab three Canadian soldiers and explain that Allah told him to do it. How could anyone deny this fine young man a place at Mohawk College?


Stop worrying, you Islamophobe. The Canadian Press reported that Ali had been found “not criminally responsible” for his knife attack, so why shouldn’t he be allowed to take classes on his own? “The appeal court says the Ontario Review Board considered all the required factors last year in granting Ayanle Hassan Ali permission to attend Mohawk College unaccompanied when staff at the secure Hamilton hospital where he’s detained deem he is ready.”


What a relief! And the wise judges of the Ontario Review Board didn’t stop there. With admirable care for the safety of Ali’s targets, “the three-judge appeal panel further says it was ‘not unreasonable’ for the board to ban Ali from known military facilities or centres rather than the more restrictive measure sought by the Crown — a prohibition from contacting any military personnel.”


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