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Germany: Syrian refugee scam artists openly talk about their vacationing in… Syria…….


Somalis in Finland have been scamming the refugee system for decades, engaging in the same practices as these Syrian “refugees”. If you’re a refugee you stay outside your home country until it’s considered safe, then once back, you stay put.


Germany: Muslim migrants returning on vacation to Syria to “have some peace”

As Westerners sink further and further into dhimmitude, Islamic supremacists become increasingly emboldened and entitled:

A Syrian refugee living in Germany complained on social media about not being able to go on holiday to Syria because he had “something important” to do….Aras Bacho, who has previously written for several publications including HuffPost, said he knew at least six Syrians who had traveled from Germany to Syria on holiday.

The phenomenon of Muslim refugees going back to their home countries on vacation isn’t a new one, and it raises obvious questions about how much danger these “refugees” were really in. Many of them, of course, are not truly “refugees” at all, but economic migrants.


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