EU: Rees-Mogg and Farage defend turning backs on EU anthem……..


Nothing wrong with the music, but the idea it represents is repugnant…


‘EU Is Not a Nation’: Rees-Mogg, Farage Defend Turning Backs on Euro Anthem


Brexit Party MEPs have defended turning their backs on the European Parliament chamber during the playing of the EU’s ‘national’ anthem because they say the bloc should not be treated as a country.


The opening of the parliament in Strasbourg, France, was marked by protest, with pro-Catalan separatists demonstrating outside the building over former Catalonia president Carles Puigdemont and colleague Toni Comin being barred from taking their seats in the EU parliament.


The anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats led their own protest inside the chamber, wearing yellow t-shirts with “stop Brexit” on the front and “Bollocks to Brexit” on the back of some — in reference to one of their May 2019 European Parliament campaign slogans.


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