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Finland: Finnish politicians in and out of government taking reasonable positions on Islamonazi women and their kids in Syrian holding camp…….


National Coalition chair, former Minister of Finance, Petteri Orpo, responding to a recent HS article on the subject stated: 
Finland should not help ISIS wives to return. I do not have any sympathy for those who have voluntarily left Finland to serve in a terrorist organization. Children should be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Foreign Minister Haavisto: Isis children cannot be brought to Finland against the will of their parents – the shadow of the death penalty hangs over the parents

It is useless for Finns to wait for the government to come up with quick solutions to repatriate Isis children or mothers, as they face difficult government arrangements and clarification of liability issues.

Syria al – Holin Isis camp has more than 70 000 people, among which there are, according to Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto ( Green Party), about 33 Finnish children and 11 mothers.


– Not all children are registered as Finns, but very likely they are the children of these mothers, says Haavisto.


Prime Minister Antti Rinne said in an Iltalehti interview ( 24 . 6 . ) That the government should make a decision in the coming days on the Isis – children and their mothers, but according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pekka Haavisto, the overall situation is so complex that quick-fix solutions are not expected.


– This ( al – Holin ) camp has been in operation since March and we are mapping out family situations, so I can’t say when decisions are going to be made because solutions are currently being sought and every day we get new pieces of information.


According to Haavisto, before any practical action can be taken, the interests of the children and the backgrounds of the parents must first be clarified.


– Here are crisscross interests of the child and the parents’ backgrounds, because they have worked in this area and have been part of Isis – support operations – this is the whole, which we are trying to solve.


Although al – Holin Isis – the situations of families in the camp would quickly mapped, yet that did not mean that Finnish children will be sent to their country of origin, if ever.


Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) reminds that people traveling to Syria have gone to the conflict area in violation of travel bans issued in Finland.


– For each person, the family situation is slightly different and the willingness to move from one camp to another is also different.


According to Haavisto, all European countries are currently in the same situation where they have to find out the overall situation of children and guardians and the criminal liability of adults.


Isis – the camp of Finnish women may be suspected of supporting terrorist activities, at least.


“If these people are guilty, then the local authority will have the opportunity to prosecute some of them, that is, it is an exceptionally complicated entity, and therefore there are no possibilities for quick action,” Haavisto says.


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