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Turkey: Kemal Ataturk picture to return to Istanbul mayor’s office after removal by Erdogan…….


One small step…


The new mayor has no problem in mouthing classical Islamic Jew-hate filled verses from the Koran in times past, so the jury is still out. Lots of positive action needed from this son of an imam before I begin to view him differently. Putting Ataturk back up on the wall is but window dressing if nothing is done about the rise of Islamization and present pro-Islam policies in Turkey.


Andrew Bostom:

Ataturk was a mass murderous despot who slaughtered Greek Orthodox & Armenian Christians, as well as Muslim non-Turkic Kurds, to complete his goal of Turkification,  & as such, “inspired” Hitler. The idea that this man– who ruled with an iron fist in a one-party dictatorial system– created a “constitutional” Republic, is risible. Turkey is stuck between the Scylla of Turkic supremacist “Kemalism” & the Charybdis of Neo-Ottoman Islam, both despotic.


From my Turkish colleague:

“The portraits of the founder of the constitutional system based on the secular republican order, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, will be returned and placed at all the offices of the Mayorship of Istanbul”

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Imamoglu will re-hang picture of Ataturk in office


The portrait of Atatürk hanged by Ekrem İmamoğlu, elected as the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the 31st March local elections, was removed after Ali Yerlikaya was appointed as the deputy chairman of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by the Ministry of Interior. The removed Atatürk painting will come back.

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