Germany: Lawmakers want to criminalize burning the EU flag, 3yr, sentence……..


Burn them while you still can!!!


All the while they (EU-ophiles) tell you that it’s terrible to compare the EU to the USSR (or even the Nazi regime), they exhibit the very same statist, totalitarian mindset. Next is criminalization of mocking elected politicians.


Germany: Lawmakers Want Three-year Prison Terms for Burning EU Flag

Damaging the “the symbols of the European Union” could result in a fine or a custodial term of up to three years under new laws proposed in Saxony, Germany.


Lawmakers in the German state want to pass new legislation “to take firm and effective action against those whose aim is to disparage the fundamental values ​​of the European Union” by attacking “the reputation of the symbols of the European Union”, according to the Saarbrücker Zeitung regional newspaper.


The proposed law would make rendering the European Union flag — a circle of twelve gold pentagram stars on a field of blue — either “removed, destroyed, damaged, unusable or unrecognisable” a crime punishable by a fine or a custodial term of as much as three years, the newspaper reports.


While “the right to objective or legitimate criticism” would supposedly remain protected, the law’s proponents claim it is “a commandment of self-esteem” that Germany, as a founder member-state of the European Union, “protects [it] against malicious contempt”.


The law would also protect Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, which has been appropriated as the EU anthem.


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