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The Beeb is the enemy of Britain and British values…….


All state media are against classical Western values…


Delingpole: The BBC Is the Enemy of Britain and British Values

How depressing it would be if the typical Muslim in Britain today were embodied by Abdullah Patel?


Abdullah is the imam at a mosque in Gloucester; doesn’t speak English that well; has a burning sense of grievance about a thing he calls “Islamophobia”; is a fan of Jeremy Corbyn because he scares “Zionist’s” [sic]; thinks Gaza is “the modern day Auschwitz”; warns women who have been sexually assaulted that “it takes two to tango”; supports CAGE (the organisation which had a research director who once described the ISIS killer Jihadi John as “a beautiful young man”); is deputy headteacher of a heavily criticised school with an Islamic ethos and curriculum…


Call me old-fashioned but I don’t much like the cut of Abdullah’s jib. Chippy, whiny, cry-bullying, over-eager to play the Muslim card at every opportunity, sympathetic — at the very least — to terrorist sympathisers, casually misogynistic, antisemitic (though no doubt he’d gloss it with euphemism anti-Zionist), and probably thick as mince, Abdullah is emblematic of so much that is wrong with cultural cohesion in Britain today.


Is this dodgy geezer really representative of British Muslims?


More here.

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