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Finland: Indoctrinated couple choose more expensive /slower means of travel for fear of “climate change”……..


Lol! Why not horseback and sailboat?


Instead of taking a ship straight from Turku to Stockholm, they take a train and head north, then south once in Sweden. Geniuses! Of course, Yle is there to pat them on the back.



These are types of idiots that will try and force us back into the 17th century.

They travel by train via the north to the world, even though it is expensive and slow – considerably less polluting than ship travel, but does it make sense?

Ship emissions are just under 3% of people’s greenhouse gas emissions. It is close to air travel emissions.


You are leaving Finland abroad. Which option would you choose for traveling: speed and affordability or slowness and price?


István Rytkönen and Nea Peltoniemi from Turku, and Eija Kotkavirta from Oulu, choose a train as their travel tool, although it is often more expensive, slower and more difficult to travel if compared to shipping or air travel.


But why on earth? Let them tell you.


Is Traveling To Be Effective?


Climate change.

This is the main reason why István Rytkönen travels abroad by train. He constantly strives to look at his own lifestyle and develop it as climate-friendly as possible. A couple of years ago, Rytkönen gave up on boat trips and flying, and slowly he started traveling to the world through Stockholm.


Rytkönen travels through Europe to Stockholm three to six times a year. His grandparents live in Budapest and, in addition, travel to other parts of Europe.


– I have a lot of relatives around Europe and I feel it is important to visit them. I do not have to travel or take a break who instantly of new technologies, I have tried to select the current possibilities smartest way to travel.


– But I do not say I would have taken one single ship to Tallinn or Stockholm, he continues.


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