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UK: Convicted (Muslim) vote rigger center of claims of involvement in by-election…….


Would it come as a shock to learn that he was involved..?

Labour’s by-election victory is marred by claims that a convicted vote rigger was at the centre of campaign after he was pictured with Corbyn and new MP at centre of anti-Semitism storm


Tariq Mahmood (pictured left with Jeremy Corbyn and Lisa Forbes and right at the by-election count) received a 15-month prison sentence in 2008 for a postal vote scam.


Local Conservatives claimed Mahmood was ‘front and centre’ of the Peterborough by-election campaign but Labour branded the allegation ‘false and baseless’ yesterday and said he was ‘not involved in the running of Labour’s campaign in any way’.


Last year Mahmood was accused of racism for calling Home Secretary Sajid Javid a ‘coconut’ on Facebook, a racial slur aimed at those deemed to have betrayed their heritage.


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