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Finland: Helsingin Sanomat article describes NO-GO zones in Sweden, then denies that they exist…….


The HS is a bird-cage paper…


Towards the middle of the piece, the subject of NO-GO zones crops up, but depicted as a term used by “Right-wing populists” to give a false impression:

The term implies that the Swedish police could not go to certain areas at all. There are no such areas in Sweden. Police work everywhere.

Of course, that’s a lie. The term has always meant that the police, fire departments, first responders were not able to freely work within certain areas without a noticeable presence of law enforcement (Back-Up). Of course the “police work everywhere”, but it’s their ability to operate freely without fear of violence from the general local population that’s in question. When the police themselves and their stations are consistently the target of violence, it’s safe to say that NO-GO zones exist.



Then there are complete idiots like “Internet-cop”, Jussi Huhtela, who tweeted in 2017 that the existence of a No-Go zone in Rinkeby Stockholm doesn’t exist. He went there and didn’t see one.



These are the kinds of lunatics we have in places of power and authority. The media is pathetic as well.


The Swedish police again published a list of problematic suburbs: “We need to have an honest picture of where there are problems”


60 areas were identified as problematic, of which 22 areas were particularly difficult. However, the number has gone down.


STOCKHOLM On Monday, the SWEDISH police released a list of problematic nations in the country. Particularly problematic särskilt utsatta område ) were 22 areas. 

It’s one less than last year. All in all, the problem areas (utsatta område)were listed at 60, compared with 61 last year . The police, however, emphasized positive developments in their communication. “We can work better, face less violence, and talk with the public,” said Mats Löfving , Police Operations Director , according to TT.


IN ITS definition, the POLICE consider four criteria in particular: the willingness of residents to participate in the functioning of the justice system, the possibility for the police to do their job, parallel social structures and extremism, especially extreme Islam. 

Finding out gangbangs in immigrant neighborhoods has been hampered by the fact that residents in the area often do not dare or want to talk to the police. 

Especially here, Löfving sees positive developments. “We are still experiencing problems, but the trend is better.” Linda H. Staaf, head of the police intelligence unit, was on the same lines . “More and more residents are choosing to tell what they see and hear.”

The victims of the violence of drug-gangs with immigrant backgrounds are very often migrant backgrounds themselves.


In the Swedish media, there has been a lot of stories during the year about how, for example, in the most difficult neighborhoods of Stockholm, the size of the local population has become full of fear.


Although the actual victims of the shootings are almost always gang members, the killings in public places shock the entire local community. IN THE context of the SWEDISH POLICE , foreign right-wing populations have often spoken of ‘no-go areas’. The term implies that the Swedish police could not go to certain areas at all. There are no such areas in Sweden. Police work everywhere.


However, in certain areas, the police need to take special action, such as using two scooters instead of one and special equipment.


For more information on the threat experienced by police officers, see this report from HS , which interviewed police patrols in Rinkeby, Stockholm.


More here in Finnish

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