Fighting Back Islam in Germany

Germany: North Rhine-Westphalia court with sizeable Muslim community fines “sharia police” patrol…….


Sharia-supremacists shouldn’t be given any public space whatsoever, let alone to police…


When they encountered young Muslims, they told them not to drink alcohol or visit cafes, betting shops or brothels.


Western German court fines ‘sharia police’ patrol


A German court on Monday ordered seven Islamic fundamentalists to pay fines over a so-called “sharia police” patrol they launched in 2014 to mass media and political outrage.
Western German court fines 'sharia police' patrol


The men aged between 27 and 37 must pay between 300 and 1,800 for infringing laws against wearing uniforms, the Wuppertal tribunal found.


Germany’s laws against wearing uniforms originally aimed to prevent neo-Nazis staging rallies and parades.


Judges said the group’s actions were aimed at achieving an “intimidating effect suggestive of militancy” by aping the sharia police that exist in some Middle Eastern countries as violent organizations.


In September 2014, the seven patrolled the streets of Wuppertal, a west German industrial town in North Rhine-Westphalia with a sizeable Muslim population, wearing orange high-visibility vests marked “Sharia Police”.


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