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UK: May going…going…gone!


More proof that she’s no Maggie…


You’d need a heart of granite not to feel for her: HENRY DEEDES on Theresa May’s fateful resignation speech which was rigid, reticent, unremarkable – until she turned on the tap


HENRY DEEDES: Theresa May (pictured) tried her best to hold it together. But in the end it was all too much. Officially, the Prime Minister resigned yesterday morning at 10.05am. But those watching her announcement will have realised that it was actually an eviction that had been set in motion many weeks ago.


To many on her own side, she had already long outstayed her welcome. For Theresa May, it was never meant to turn out this way. In her mind, she wanted to be the person who would unite her party, free Britain from the shackles of Brussels and lead us all into a sparkling future.


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