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UK: Boris says “Brexit” by October 31st…….


Let him try, he can’t do any worse than the last miserable failure…


Boris’s No Deal threat: Tory favourite says it’s time to put Brexit to bed and we WILL have left by October 31, as he launches his bid to replace Theresa May as PM


Setting out his pitch to be leader just hours after Theresa May announced her departure (pictured), the UK’s former foreign secretary said it was time to ‘put Brexit to bed’.


Mr Johnson is the early favourite to take over, but he faces a mounting ‘Stop Boris’ campaign from MPs who oppose him. At an economic conference in Switzerland, he yesterday ruled out any further delays beyond the end of October, when the latest extension is due to expire.


He said: ‘We will leave the EU on October 31, deal or no deal.’ But Mr Johnson risks creating a hostage to fortune because he could be forced to call a general election to deliver on his promise. Dominic Grieve yesterday threatened that he and other Tory MPs could help sink a Johnson-led government that pursued No Deal.


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