Finland Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Interior Minister Mykkänen says Finnish ISIS adults too radicalized, should not be repatriated, their children however can be…….


Wait until the Leftist government is finally finalized, then we will really see who is allowed in and under what guidelines…

Interior Minister Mykkänen of dozens of Finns in Isis camp: “Adults are not wanted in Finland, children will be placed in care of Finnish authorities”

Yle News visited the Isis camp in Syria, where 44 Finns live in the camp. 11 of them are women and 33 are children.


Minister of the Interior Kai Mykkänen (chef) confirms the information received from the residents of Al-Holi camp by Yle Uutinen that there are 44 Finns living in the camp. According to Yle, 11 of them are women and 33 are children.


According to Mykkänen, many women left in the camp are deeply radicalized and should not be returned to Finland.


Instead, Mykkänen hopes that they will be convicted in an international court.


If full-time Finnish citizens return to Finland from the camp, they will be arrested and a criminal investigation into participation in terrorism will be initiated.


With regard to children, Mykkänen says that Finland will find ways to bring them to Finland. However, according to Mykkänen, this requires the consent of the child custodians.


Preparations have gone a long way in this regard, but Mykkänen hopes for a decision from the future government.




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