Finland: State broadcaster travels to Syrian ‘ISIS’ camp, 44 Finns + mothers, “We want to come back to Finland”…….


They desert their home country to join up with the enemy, then expect to be let back in no strings attached…


You would have to be stark raving mad to want these fanatics back into your country. But wait, the incoming Prime Minister, Antti Rinne, is going to allow them to do just that, but don’t worry, he’s going to check to see if they did anything wrong first. Soon they’ll be busy propagandizing for Islam in Finland, being championed as enlightened, feminist visionaries.


Yle in Isis camp in Syria: There are up to 44 Finns in the camp, Finnish women in the video – “We want to come back to Finland”


Yle was the first Finnish media to visit Al-Hol’s camp. There are 33 children among the Finns in the camp.


l-Holi camp in Northeast Syria has up to 44 Finns. I visited the camp today and personally met five Finnish women who told us there were 11 mothers and 33 children in the camp.


The amount is higher than hitherto is estimated in the public camp.


Finnish women reported that some children were born in Syria. They told them they had been in Syria for a long time.


All the women I met told me they wanted to return to Finland. They think they have not done anything wrong in Syria.


– We are Finns and we do not understand why we could not return with our children to Finland, one woman I interviewed says.


All women say they were born in Finland. Three of them are so-called Finns from all over the country. They also said they had sought out the Islamic state earlier.


– We tried, but it was difficult because there was no money to pay for the smugglers.


Children die all the time

No women want their name public.



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