Buffoonery Whining Muslim

UK: Sharia-supremacist takes time off from molecular research to fight “Islamofauxbia”…….


I can’t think of anything more disingenuous than a supremacist complaining about discrimination by others upset by her supremacist world view…


Welsh Muslim woman reveals how being branded a ‘suicide bomber’ and getting attacked in the street for wearing a niqab made her give up her job as an NHS geneticist to campaign against racism


Welsh Muslim woman claims she's been branded a 'suicide bomber' and physically abused in


Sahar Al-Faifi, from Cardiff, features in new BBC3 series Young, Welsh and Pretty Religious.


The molecular geneticist (pictured top right) is now a full-time anti-Islamaphobia campaigner after giving up her job at an NHS cancer diagnostics lab to fight stereotypes and racism.


Sahar explained that she chooses to wear the traditional Muslim veil as, to her, it’s an act of worship and devotion (pictured left).


She said she has been verbally and even physically abused in the street because of stereotypes about women who wear niqabs. Sahar is also a passionate skydiver (bottom right).


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