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Daniel Greenfield: “Rhodes Scholar” Buttigieg Is A Constitutional Illiterate…….


Another Democrat that had a Marxist for a mentor…


The US is a republic, not a democracy. The Democrats are trying to shove it into the direction of being a democracy, which would spell its eventual demise.



Daniel Greenfield

The media has regaled us with the genius of Peter Buttigieg, whom it reminds us, is, like Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar. So he must be a genius?


And then he went on FOX News and demonstrated that he’s all but illiterate.


“States don’t vote, people vote,” Buttigieg said. He added that “if we’re going to call ourselves a democracy,” the U.S. should move to a popular vote system.


We’re not a democracy. None of our documents call us a democracy. We’re a union of states. It’s right there in the name. I realize Buttigieg is a second generation immigrant and the son of a Marxist prof, but that’s no excuse for this level of ignorance.

People vote within the context of a state.


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