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Gatestone: The Intrepid Duo: Pipes, Father and Son…….


I had the great honor of hosting both father and son in Helsinki some years ago…


The Intrepid Duo: Pipes, Father and Son

by Jiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta  •  May 20, 2019 at 4:00 am

  • “My main contribution was revealing the flaws in the détente policy and urging a policy designed to reform the Soviet Union through a strategy of economic denial.” In other words, the USSR could be changed from within by raising the costs of its aggression. — Richard Pipes.
  • Daniel Pipes argues that, ironically, the Palestinians would actually fare far better if they were defeated: they could end their fantasies of genocide and, like post-WWII Germany, finally start to build a constructive and flourishing civil society.
  • “The hardest thing for Westerners to understand is… the nature of the enemy’s ultimate goal… to apply the Islamic law (Sharia) globally. In U.S. terms, it intends to replace the Constitution with the Qur’an…. Now, it has become widely accepted that, in Bernard Lewis’s words, “Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century.” — Daniel Pipes, “The Islamic States of America?”, FrontPageMagazine.com, September 23, 2004.
  • “Although the moderate Muslims appear — and in fact are — weak, they have a crucial role to play, for they alone can reconcile Islam with modernity…” — Daniel Pipes, Introduction, Militant Islam Reaches America.


Richards Pipes (left), and his son, Daniel Pipes. (Image sources: Wikimedia Commons)


Two iconoclasts, the intrepid duo, are the late Baird Professor Emeritus of Harvard University, Richards Pipes, and his son, Daniel Pipes.


Whereas Richard Pipes, a “world authority” or the doyen of historians of Russia, set as his life’s priority analyzing and debunking to Western civilization the naïve romantic utopia of Bolshevism and its Soviet Pied Pipers of tyranny, Daniel Pipes, a global expert on the Middle East, similarly analyses another civilization. His mission has been, through voluminous writing and various projects in defense of Western civilization, to awaken Americans to the modern-day threats of Islamist terrorism, religious coercion and mass-immigration.


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