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Finland: Former Fox News “Journalist” Threatens Finns Party Activist With Doxing For ‘OK’ Meme Sign Comment On Twitter…….


David MacDougall periodically works for the Finnish state broadcaster, Yle, as can be seen in the video below, where he asks stupid questions from Finns politician, Laura Huhtasaari.



The obviously negative IQ propagandist thinks he’s clever in targeting a Finns activist with doxing for using the ‘OK’ sign, a  meme meant to stir up the social justice warrior sect of identity politics into a faux moral outrage. I would say that Iisak scored big time. Anyone who knows anything about the sign will tell you that it’s solely about to piss people off that they don’t like. Judging from the comments in the Twitter thread, David has garnered lots of detractors for his threats of doxing Iisak, who clearly pissed him off.


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