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Finland: State Broadcaster Gallup: Finns Party now most favored party with 18.8%


The Finns party is set to be the next election winner once this Marxist led government collapses within a year…



YLE Gallup: Finns Party Most Popular Party, Greens Close On the Center Party

In YLE polling, The Finns have emerged as the most popular party with a 18.8 percent support.

The increase is 1.3 percentage points in the election results. The second is 17.8% support of the SDP government. The third is the Conservative Party’s 16.9 percent support. In fourth place are the Centre and the Greens. Both have 13.3% support of respondents. Nearly 2 000 people were interviewed in an economic survey. Interviews were conducted between 15.4 and 7.5. The margin of error for the largest parties is 2.3, 1 percentage points in both directions.



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