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Finland: Ex-wife of SDP’s pro-Iran MP Hussein al-Taee feared honor-related violence, fled to shelter to escape him and his relatives……..


I had a hat-tip yesterday that today would be breaking news:



Sounds like an incident of honor-related violence was averted to me, when both Al-Taee and his relatives became unseemly, threatening after she sued for full custody of their child.


From Anter Yasa’s website:  Hussein al-Taee and #metoo

According to Seiska’s investigation, Hussein al-Taee and his former wife have had a long history of a custody dispute, and the woman had to flee to a shelter. The shelter is usually due to a man who’s aggressive and uses violence. Has Hussein battered his ex-wife? How is it that Hussein has maintained custody of the child? A child is usually awarded to the mother if the mother’s situation is stable and does not have alcoholism or mental health problems. I do not believe that an ex-wife who has come from a very Islamic background would be having alcoholism or mental health problems. According to my information, this woman has been sent back to Iraq under the pressure of Hussein al-Taee’s family. The woman has said she is afraid of Hussein’s relatives.


The Seiska article:



Hussein al-Taen  (sdp), 35, career as a MP has begun in the worst possible way. Hussein confessed before May1 celebrations to writing on social media about homosexuals, Jews, Somalis and Sunnis.


The brouhaha also expanded internationally when Israeli news agencies quoted Hussein’s writings, which equated Israel with the terrorist organization Isis.


According to research by Seiska, Hussein is also a very colorful personality, even in his private life – at least in regards to women’s issues. Hussein, who is a proclaimed feminist, has been running a women’s roulette, where all sorts of things have occurred.


It is clear from the papers of the District Court that Hussein married a young Iraqi woman ten years ago.


She had become pregnant with Hussein when she was 18-19. When a woman announced in April 2010 that she wanted a divorce, the situation was in a bad state of affairs, including a dispute over the couple’s 3-year-old.


According to the documents submitted to the District Court, both began to demand sole custody of the child. In the midst of parental custody, the ex-wife had to move to a shelter because she felt the behavior of Hussein and his relatives were threatening and violent.


Today Hussein is married to Saana Kessatalo. The relationship between Hussein and Sahan began as a workplace romance, when both worked with the Crisis Management Initiative of President Martti Ahtisaari.


Saana is still working in the CMI, but Hussein work ended when he became an MP.



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