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Finnish media: Hussein al-Taee removed from CMI’s website after being contacted by JPost journalist Benjamin Weinthal, previously stating he enjoyed their confidence…….


They’re lying. He can’t be officially removed, he has to resign his post…



CMI’s line changed – Hussein al-Tae’s name was removed from the website and the executive director condemned the”anti-Semitic” statements in the Israeli paper


Previously, CMI told that al-Taee, elected as MP for the Sdp, enjoys the organisation’s confidence as a conflict resolution expert.

THE PEACE MEDIATION ORGANIZATION CMI has removed from its website the mention of Hussein al-Taee , who worked as leader of the Iraqi program at CMI, founded by President Martti Ahtisaari , before being elected a Sdp MP.


– Al-Tae’s name was inadvertently left on our website. He has been working as a MP since last Tuesday and is therefore no longer working for us. We have nothing to hide here, CMI’s Twitter account was commented on.


Al-Taee has fallen into the middle of a brouhaha because of his old writings.


Last Thursday, al-Taee told Helsingin Sanomat that he had could have written the comments shown to him about the Jews, the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Gays. Al-Taee refused to comment on screenshots spreading on his behalf to IS.


Based on a single screenshot, al-Taee wrote to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on 21 March 2012 as follows: “ juutalainen tekee, minkä juutalainen osaa parhaiten. Käyttää kaikkia hyväksi saadakseen kaiken“


So in English: The Jew does what the Jew is best at. Uses everyone to get everything.


ON SUNDAY , the case was raised by the Israeli Jerusalem Post Journalist, Benjamin Weinthal, who wrote on Twitter that CMI removed the mention of al-Tae from their website after contacting them.


CMI Executive Director, Tuija Talvitie, said to Jerusalem Post that CMI condemns all inappropriate and degrading comments on ethnic, religious, national and other groups.


– Hussein al-Taee’s anti-Semitic statements are by no means acceptable, Talvitie commented to the paper and added that al-Taee, is an elected parliamentarian, and no longer actually worked for CMI.


On April 20, CMI commented in a different way: CMI’s Communications and Fundraising Director Elina Lehtinen stated to the BTI that al-Taee still enjoyed the organisation’s confidence as a conflict resolution expert.


Lehtinen told STT that al-Tae’s work in CMI is going to be four years off, and he added that he didn’t think al-Taee was “actively involved in any CMI project”.


The removal of Al-Taee’s name from CMI’s website was first reported by Verkkouutiset.

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