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Finland: New Gallup poll finds over half of the country want Finns party in new government…….


Works for me…


USU-Gallup: Half of Finns want Finns party in government

16 percent of Finns would by no means take the party into government

Nearly every other Finn would like to see the Finns Party sitting in the next government, says Finnish Gallup.


According to Gallup, more than one in five thinks that the Finns party should definitely be in the government and just over one in four that it would be good for them to be involved.


About every third respondent would leave the party in opposition. Under no circumstances do Finns want 16% of Finns in the board.


Just over a tenth of the respondents thought it was irrelevant.


Thousands of people were interviewed for the survey, with a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

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