Daniel Greenfield: Media Fears Rise Of Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Libyan General…….


The media…



I was writing about General Hifter’s power play, fairly early on. Here’s an article from 2014. And some of the story from back then.

A retired Libyan general has said he wants to cleanse Libya of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist radicals.
Khalifa Haftar blamed them for widespread lawlessness in the country.
The operation, dubbed Al-Karama (dignity), was launched because the “Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is the driving forces behind extremists arriving in Libya.”
“This opened the eyes of Libyans,” he added.
He called the Brotherhood a “malignant disease that is seeking to spread throughout the bones of the Arab world”.

Hifter didn’t pull it off then, but he’s trying again.

And the media and the Obama foreign policy elite are none too happy as he now appears to have President Trump’s backing.

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