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Netherlands: Islamonazis arrested in 2018 for preparing major attack with Kalashnikovs and bomb belts, not cooperating in court…….


With only mumblings of “allahu akbar” and “takbir” being heard…



Terrorism Planners Do Not Collaborate with Justice

In a session at the Rotterdam court, it became clear that those suspected of planning a major terrorist attack did not collaborate with the authorities.  They were arrested in the September 2018 after the police had infiltrated the group.  They wanted to plan a major attack on a public event in the Netherlands with Kalashnikovs and bomb belts. Simultaneously, they wanted to set off a car bomb elsewhere.



Rolled up assessment plot: what was the role of the AIVD secret service?

According to the judiciary, the group made plans to carry out a major attack on an event in the Netherlands; they wanted to do that with Kalashnikovs and bomb belts. At the same time, they wanted a car bomb to explode somewhere else.

The suspects who were arrested last fall because they were preparing a major attack in the Netherlands, hardly participate in the police investigation. They refuse to give the login codes of their phones and have hardly made any statements. This was revealed this morning during a pro forma session against the six suspects in the Rotterdam District Court. The role of the AIVD secret service was also discussed. Read the tweets from reporter Cyril Rosman about that session below.

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