Islamic tribal war erupts in Libya once again…….


Something tells me that Gaddafi’s paying off of tribes to stay in power, and getting rid of his nuke plans was the better option for Libya… 


The Battle for Tripoli: Libya erupts into civil war as rebel army commander launches airstrikes on the capital in defiance of a UN truce

  • Troops led by Khalifa Hafter advancing on Tripoli have carried out an air strike 
  • Latest stage of four-day offensive by the force, which backs rival administration
  • UN-backed government has announced a ‘Volcano Of Rage’ counter-offensive  

Libya has erupted into civil war as the rebel army commander Khalifa Hafter launched airstrikes on the southern suburbs of Tripoli in defiance of a UN truce.


It is the latest stage of a four-day offensive by Haftar’s force, which backs a rival administration in the east, against the home of the internationally-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA). It has so far claimed 21 lives.


The airstrikes have prompted a ‘Volcano Of Rage’ counter-offensive by the GNA, with a spokesman claiming advancing government forces had already captured several of Hafter’s armoured vehicles.


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