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Adrew Bostom: Removing Jew-Hatred From the Mosque; A Vatican II Paradigm For Islam……?


The way things are going, the dhimmi Vatican will soon be influenced enough by Islam to renounce Vatican II and reinstall their classic anti-Jew approach to understanding the Gospels…


Removing Jew-Hatred From The Mosque: A Vatican II Paradigm For Islam?

Pope Francis made an unscheduled visit to the campus of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, September 27, 2015, to view the sculpture by artist Joshua Koffman commemorating the 50th anniversary of Nostre-Aetate, the Second Vatican Council Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, in particular Judaism. Koffman’s bronze work “Synagoga and Ecclesia in Our Time,” depicts a female figure representing the Church sitting next to another female figure representing the Synagogue, each holding their holy scriptures, which they appear to be discussing. It is meant to oppose centuries of art in which the triumphal Christian “Ecclesia” stood wearing a crown, while a woman representing “Synagoga,” stood blindfolded and drooping, cradling a broken lance in one arm (likely an allusion to the lance that pierced Jesus), while tablets of the Torah appeared to be slipping from her opposite hand .


Vatican II/Nostre Aetate, as illustrated by two sentences from a pronouncement issued October 28, 1965, unambiguously condemned Antisemitism, from The Church’s perspective:


Moreover, mindful of her common patrimony with the Jews, and motivated by the gospel’s spiritual love and by no political considerations, she deplores the hatred, persecution, and displays of Antisemitism directed against the Jews at any time, and from any source
Catholic Theologian John T. Pawlikowski, observed in 1996 (from the essay collection, appositely entitled, Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit), that the noble ideals articulated in this pronouncement were only advanced when The Vatican Council,
…formally launched the process of uprooting the classic theology of Jewish displacement from the covenant in light of the Christ event and replaced it with a theological work based on the notion of the ongoing validity of the Jewish covenant to which Christians have been joined
The “Phase I cleansing” stage in this overall process, as Dr. Pawlikowski characterized it, involved
…the removal from mainline Christian educational texts of the charge that Jews collectively were responsible for the death of Jesus, that the Pharisees were the arch enemies of Jesus and spiritually soulless, that Jews had been displaced by Christians in the covenantal relationship with God as a result of refusal to accept Jesus as the Messiah, that the “Old Testament” was totally inferior to the New and that Jewish faith was rooted in legalism while the Christian religion was based on grace.


Indeed by 1995, current St. Joseph’s University Professor Philip Cunningham’s study Education for Shalom: Religion Textbooks and the Enhancement of the Catholic-Jewish Relationship, noted that


..the elements of the patristic anti-Judaic theological system had pretty much been eliminated from the textbooks


Shamefully prevailing till now, the polar opposite “accepted standard” allows for open promulgation of Jew-hatred from Islam’s canonical texts, by its leading teaching institutions, and most authoritative religious leaders. The virulently Jew-hating, replacement theology themes Vatican II/Nostre Aetate explicitly rejected and sought to expunge from Christianity, are triumphantly preached, now, unchallenged, within their own unique mainstream Islamic framework by the leading institutional and clerical pillars of Sunni and Shiite Islam. Two examples suffice to make this irrefragable point.


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