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Finland: Convert to Islam lead group which tried to seed prisons with Islamo-literature…….




IS investigates: “Fatima”, convicted of Child abduction, has attempted to spread Salafist material in Finnish prisons – the risk of radical Islam is increasing


“Isis wife Sanna,” sister-wife turned Muslim at the turn of the millennium. She became a leading female figure in the Salafist community in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

She had been trying to disseminate Islamic material in Finnish prisons. The Criminal Sanctions Department rejected the attempts last year.


Behind the propaganda efforts was an association chaired by a person who the Ilta Sanomat calls “Fatima”.


– They have tried to get cooperate with a great number of prisons. We did not go along with it, says Annika Finnberg, Special adviser to the Criminal Sanctions Department.


A week ago, IS told of the central role of Fatima in the Finnish Salafist network. She was in an Islamic marriage with the same Moroccan man as the Finnish Sanna, who escaped from the last base of Isis in the early March in Baghuzi Syria.


Fatima also stayed with her children in Syria. She is sentenced to prison for child abduction.


The ethnic Finn Fatima turned muslim the turn of the millennium. She became a leading female figure in the Salafist community in Vuosaari, Helsinki.


Salafism is an extremely conservative Islamic sect, with the aim of cleansing Islam from all earthly things and restoring religion to its origins.


It also involves a downward spiral into violent jihad.



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