Islam in the Netherlands

Netherlands: Salafist hate preacher taught at Muslim highschool, parliamentarians worried about radical Muslim education…….


From the BNFTN website: 


Salafist Hate Preacher Gave Lessons at Muslim High School

The Dutch intelligence service (AIVD) has revealed that the British preacher, Haitham Al Haddad, gave covered lessons at the Muslim school, Cornelius Haga Lyceum, in Amsterdam.  He is a Salafist preacher who is known for antisemitism and hate speech.  In 2012 in a speech in Amsterdam he said that adulterous Muslim women from the West would love to travel to an Islamic state to be stoned to death.  This, according to Haddad, was the correct punishment for adultery.



Parliamentarians Worried about Radical Muslim Education

Various representatives of political parties have expressed concern in parliament about Arab lessons after schoolhours. The Intelligence Service (AIVD) says that radical Muslims use these courses to transmit their extrmeist messages to youngsters. Parliamentarian Jan Paternotte of the coalition party D66 said that it was an unacceptable example of abuse of freedom to preach anti-democratic thoughts to young people.

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