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Finland: Report on Jihadist network in Finland, hundreds involved in jihadist activities….


Direct broadcast in progress: hundreds of people involved in jihadist activities in Finland – research results published

Jihadist movement in Finland so far is limited. However, according to a recent study, the number of people leaving Finland for conflict areas is high when compared to the country’s population.
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“Finland is a country where orthodox Muslims are not understood”-a Recent report reveals how Finnish jihadists work online

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The incentive material for Islamic jihadism has been almost completely drained underground. The report commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior reveals how jihadistic communication in Finland was practiced a few years ago.


University of Helsinki researchers Leena Malkin and Matti Pohjonen authored a recent report Jihadisti online communication in Finland released on Thursday.


The report deals with Finland the sharing of jihadist online communications in Finland. In addition, it explains what kind of material people living in and outside of Finland have produced for different channels.


According to the report, in the early stages of the Syrian-Iraq conflict, jihadist communication in social media increased dramatically. In the years 2013–2015, the Jihadist Network Communication study is described as a ‘golden age’, as material was then much more available.


However, the situation has changed.


– The time of open jihadist communication is currently largely over for Finland-related or Finnish-language material.


The reasons for this include enhanced regulatory oversight and technological development. For example, material that inspires violence now disappears from social media platforms quickly.


However, the report reminds us that the disappearance of jihadist material from public platforms does not mean its disappearance.


– There are signs in the research material that such has been found and may still be found in closed and encrypted channels such as Telegram, the report says.



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