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Finland’s Yle claims scoop on Oulu Imam’s son-in-law/business who died in jihad that alternative media broke two years ago…….!


State media is the worst of the worst, dishonest to the core and brain dead…


Great going Leftist jerks and their pseudo-conservative moron lackeys in the National Coalition, Center Party. Look what you brought into the country, and couldn’t give a rats ass if they keep on coming into the country.


From the Dhaka Tribune H/T: Tiina Wiik



MOT: Oulu imam’s son-in-law and business partner died in Isis ranks

A Yle investigative report has found alleged links between a Finnish Islamic leader and an Isis combatant.


A man who left Finland to join the terrorist group Isis was the son-in-law and business partner of the imam of the Oulu-based Islamic Society of Northern Finland, Yle’s investigative journalism programme MOT reported on Monday.


As part of a programme on terrorism fundraising in Finland, MOT journalists found that those who have left the country to join Isis earned money through a variety of illegal and legal means, ranging from tax fraud to running pizzerias.


One of them was Taz Rahman, a Bangladeshi-born man who joined Isis and was later reported to have died in Syria.


He had co-owned a business with Oulu Imam Abdul Mannan, who is also from Bangladesh.


According to leaked Isis documents, Rahman joined Isis in the summer of 2014 and went to Syria with his wife, the imam’s son.


Before his departure, Rahman ran two companies in Finland. One was a pizzeria that still operates in Helsinki. His former business partner declined to be interviewed, saying only that Rahman had failed to pay money he owed.




Note: MV-Lehti had the Imam story a couple of years ago, Yle wasn’t interested in it then. Now that the imam is in the headlines, voila! It’s now “their investigative report” that breaks the news. Pathetic morons.


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