Islam in the UK

UK: Man stabbed to death near Muslim beachhead in Liverpool……..


The key words here are, “stabbed in the neck, nearby a mosque, ran towards it…”



Police search mosque in central London after a man ‘in his 20s’ was stabbed to death on a nearby road and ‘the attackers fled towards the place of worship’


The Metropolitan Police said the victim was found with stab wounds in Cunningham Place, Westminster, at about 6.15pm today.


He was treated at the scene (inset) with help from London Ambulance Service paramedics but later died in hospital. Video from outside London Central Mosque, near Regent’s Park, showed police at the gates (bottom left, bottom centre) as a helicopter circled overhead.


The cordon was finally moved from around the mosque at around 11.30pm. Bahir Moulana said the number of armed police (top left, right) gave him the ‘jitters’, especially following the recent attack at two mosques in New Zealand.


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