Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Daniel Greenfield

Mad Max Galosh tries his zaniest best to sell out Israel…….


The man’s an imbecile…



The price of working for the Washington Post is abandoning your principles and your soul. In its place, Jennifer Rubin, George Will and Max Boot have substituted lefty virtue signaling and frantic arm waving even as they betray whatever they claimed to believe in 2016.


Here’s Max Boot selling out Israel with some of the silliest arm waving to date in his attempt to cast doubt on President Trump’s recognition of Israel’s presence on the Golan Heights. It’s hard work because the other side claiming the territory is Assad.


Criticizing Trump’s move requires either arguing that the same regime whose overthrow they had recently called for deserves to get a strategic high ground from which Iran can attack Israel. Or take refuse in assorted meaningless claims of general principles.


Boot can’t go full Assadist yet. So he has to wave his arms twice as hard.

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