Finland: New verdict in Oulu Muslim rape crime wave: inticed 14 y/o girl with smokes and booze, then raped her in the woods…….


Just the second to be convicted (and given a light sentence) in a long line to follow…


The new judgment in Oulu’s sex crime wave: Man inticed 14 year old with tobacco and alcohol, raped her in the woods

Today at 14:44 (moderated at 15:11)

The Oulu District Court has convicted a man born in 1996 to more than two years in prison.


Mies istui käräjillä avustajansa Ulla-Maija Pöhön ja tulkin kanssa kasvot peitettynä.


The man sat in the session with his lawyer Ulla-Maija Pöön and an interpreter with his face obscured. PRADEEP P

The District Court of Oulu has convicted, Abellhadi Barhume, a man born in 1996 of aggravated child sexual abuse and rape and sentenced to a period of two years and six months in prison.


The verdict is related to the sexual crimes of Oulu. The victim was a 14-year-old girl. The man also had to pay his victims a total of EUR 3500 for suffering, as well as for pain inflicted and other temporary disadvantages of EUR 1500.


According to the verdict, the sentenced person had touched and otherwise, made sexual acts with the girl of fourteen years of age that have been likely to harm her development and have been involved in sexual activity.


The man was already kissing her mouth, touched, pressed and licked the girl the first time. At the second meeting, the man had led the girl to the woods and kissed her mouth, pushed his hands inside the girl’s trousers and shirt, touched the breasts and had sex with her.


The girl did not know the man. was used in his favor the child’s interest in experimenting with tobacco and alcohol.


The man himself denied the accusations and denied the description of events. He said that the kissing was consensual. According to him, the girl herself had been proactive in sexual intercourse. The man claimed to have been surprised at the situation and pushed the girl away. He told the girl she needed to be 17 years old.


The fact that a girl had asked someone in Snapchat to buy cigarettes is not an uncontested case. The man had responded to this request in the affirmative and had been buying a cigarette for the owner.


It was also undisputed that after that they had gone for a walk and that the defendant and the plaintiff had kissed. At the second meeting, they had kissed and had sex.


According to the District Court, the fact that the defendant has attracted the child with cigarettes and alcohol is an influence on the punishment, i.e. an inappropriate temptation.



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