Finland: Muslim raped 13 y/o girl, claims she looked like an “experienced 24 y/o woman…….


Yeah, here’s to not believing Najiib, and to the hope that he chokes on morning oatmeal during his 2.5 yr sentence, leaving the penitentiary  feet first…


Sex Offender about his 13-year-old Victim: “She looked like an experienced 24 year old”

A man convicted of two sexual offenses claimed that his 13-year-old victim appeared to be an experienced 24-year-old. The man watered the child with liquor before he was sexually abused with him.
The man claimed that the girl had been proactive and wanted sex. Stock Photo.

The man claimed that the girl had been proactive and wanted sex. Stock Photo.

The man claimed that the girl had been proactive and wanted sex. Stock Photo. MOST PHOTOS


A man living in Tampere bcame acquainted with his 13 – year-old victim in a swimming pool. At the next meeting, he tried to get her name and where she went to school


When the man asked the girl’s age, she stated that “a woman should not be asked her age”. However, the girl passed herself off as a 19 – year old.

Choked her throat


The girl later told the police that the man led her to his dressing room, where they started to “poke and touch”. The man also started talking sexually about the next meeting and that there would be alcohol.


The third man came by car. The situation progressed to the stage when the girl was already half naked when her mother called and told her to come home immediately.


When the girl went to the man’s house at her next meeting, she began to be offered pure alcohol in a mixed drink The girl said the man began the initiative. He told me she didn’t dare to resist when he started to approach her.



During the intercourse, the man squeezed the victims throat so that it was hard to breathe.

Serious symptoms for the victim


The girl’s mother thought in court that the reason why the girl had met an older man had been to get a thrill.


The mother told me that the child had been in shock and completely out of it. According to her, the girl often had panic attacks and suffered from fear anxiety.


The mother described the girl to the level of the fallen toddler in her behavior and turmoil. Also, absences from school had increased and grades had fallen.

The man, on the other hand, claimed that the girl had been for the sex. She told me that she had had sex with “many foreigners and Finns” .


The man also claimed the girl told him that she would soon be 19 years old. The man said, “thought the Finn would not lie about her age” .According to him, the girl looked “experienced and aged 24” .

Thousands of compensations


However, according to the law, a man must have been considered a “worthy opportunity” to have a child under 16 years of age. It considered the age difference between the man and the victim to be significant.


The District Court of Pirkanmaa convicted Najiib Raimi, who was born in 1993, to have committed serious sexual abuse of the child.


Raim was also found guilty of rape that had occurred just over two months earlier. However, the victim at the time was a full – aged woman, who had left the drunk with Raimi.


This resulted in a prison sentence of 2 years and 5 months.  Raimi was sentenced to pay a total of EUR 13 000 – and compensatory allowances for the victim’s suffering.


In addition to Raimi was ordered to pay the victim’s medical care – and cost totaling EUR 9 000.

Stays in prison


Najiib Raimi was immediately ordered to be imprisoned. However, the man was not satisfied with his judgment, but complained to the Court of Appeal. He also insisted that he be immediately released to wait for the court hearing


However, the Court of Appeal in Turku decided on Tuesday that Raimi will remain in prison. It pointed out that it would begin to deal with a complaint about a sexual offense in less than three months.


The crimes took place in Tampere during the summer of 2017.



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