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Daniel Greenfield: Media once again falsely conflates neo-nazis and critics of Islam……..


Standard operating procedures for the Left…



Daniel Greenfield

After the New Zealand shootings, it was inevitable that the media would once again run false stories attempting to link Neo-Nazis and white supremacists to critics of Islam.


The latest such effort attempts to target Robert Mercer over his donations to Gatestone Institute while trying to link that to the New Zealand attack.


The obvious problem is that Gatestone includes plenty of Jewish and Muslim contributors. Attempting to libel it, and Robert Mercer by extension, is the equivalent of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s very expensive failed smear of Maajid Nawaz as anti-Muslim because he’s been critical of Islamists. The bizarre leap in the media hit piece here attempts to link a Neo-Nazi to Daniel Pipes.


It shouldn’t even be necessary to point out how ridiculous that is. But the media necessitates it.

Here’s what I wrote the last time the smear campaign came for Gatestone.

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