Finland: Anti-Islam Grafitti Written on Side of Shiite Beachhead, F# Islam…….


I do not condone physical violence towards any person, nor their personal property, regardless of whether they belong to totalitarian ideologies, such as the socialist cousins of Marxism or Fascism or Islam…


No matter how reprehensible the ideology, the marketplace of ideas is the only arena where they can be taken head-on. Now that statement is true if only we’re allowed to do that without being accused with bogus labels like Marxophobia, Fascismophobia, and Islamophobia.


NOTE: This is the exact place where we took Katie Hopkins and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff during their time in Finland. We talked about Islam, never once even thinking about defacing the building. Ever. Now, we do not know whether this is a Muslim on Muslim (Sunni/Shiite infighting) incident or not. We have seen in times past beachheads burned, vandalized and sprayed with graffiti by other warring sects within Islam, so in all due honesty, this can’t be ruled out.


Also, the imam, Abbas Bahmanpour, who runs the joint was the same imam who smirked on Finnish national TV while admitting that in a sharia state homosexuals are to be executed.


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