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Chelsea Clinton apologizes for condemning Muslim congresswoman’s antisemitic remarks after nutjob links it to NZ massacre…….


This is how crazy the Left is, and why you should never let them near the levers of state power…


If Chelsea had an ounce of critical thinking in her brain, she would have told the idiot to get out of her face, that her accusations are both offensive and disgusting. Denouncing Jew-hatred no matter where it crops up is a good thing, it’s never, ever a bad thing. What took place in NZ is not related whatsoever to C.Clinton’s denunciation of Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism, far from it.


Let’s say a whacko took a submachine gun and mowed down 50 – 100 members during a meeting of a white or black supremacist group. Should everyone be blamed for denouncing white or black supremacism? How about looking at the ideology of the perps in question, in this case someone who idolized Communist (actually now fascist) China, instead of laying blame on bystanders? The idiocy of the woman heaping blame on Chelsea Clinton is too much for the stomach to handle, as well as Clinton’s knee-jerk apologizing for causing any offense, like denouncing Jew-hate tropes by a public lawmaker is somehow offensive.




Muslim activist tears into Chelsea Clinton’s ‘caucasity’ at NZ victims’ vigil (VIDEO)

Chelsea Clinton was forced to apologize after a Muslim activist ambushed her at a public vigil for New Zealand mosque attack victims, accusing her of stoking anti-Muslim violence with her criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Clinton was attending a vigil for the victims of the massacre at two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand that left 49 people dead and over 40 injured. So far, an Australian man named Brenton Tarrant has been charged with murder and three other people remain in police custody. It is alleged that Tarrant was motivated by neo-fascist, white supremacist beliefs, which he laid out in an extensive manifesto published several weeks before the attack.

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