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Cambridgeshire Live: updates: (Tommy loses case, will appeal) Tommy Robinson vs Cambridgeshire Constabulary – day four in court…….


Soon finding out the judge’s decision…


Robinson will appeal
He has confirmed he will appeal the judge’s ruling, which he has seven days to do.

He has 14 days to pay the costs of £20,000.

Interim costs of £20,000
Court has resumed.

Mr Clemens, representing Cambridgeshire Constabulary, is talking about appeal. He says: “In a different case it might be that I would invite your honour about damages but I’m not certain this is the place or time to do that.”

HHJ Walden-Smith: “I would abide by that event, but the issues are very narrowly confined.”

Mr Clemens: “If there was an appeal, I invite you to dismiss all of the claims and ask for my costs of the actions paraphrased be paid for.”

He is asks for costs of £20,000 to be awarded, adding: “On a detailed assessment they are not likely to be taxed down very much or at all.”

He says there isn’t an application at the moment but will consider it then put it in writing.

Ms Gurden says she will not ask HHJ Walden-Smith for an appeal and will go elsewhere.

She says she would like to extend the time in making an application, saying 7 days.

HHJ Walden-Smith says no later than March 22.

She says: “In all the circumstances I make an order that claims dismissed, application to appeal is extended to 7 days.

“Costs to the standard order it seem to me it is appropriate.”

She grants an interim cost order in the sum of £20,000.


Cambridgeshire Live updates: Tommy Robinson vs Cambridgeshire Constabulary – day four in court


It’s the fourth day of Tommy Robinson’s harassment case against Cambridgeshire police officers


Tommy Robinson’s civil case against Cambridgeshire Constabulary at Peterborough County Court will go into its fourth day today (March 15).


Robinson claims that police officers harassed him and his family after the Luton Town FC vs Cambridge United football match in August 27, 2016.


The court was shown video footage taken by Robinson and from police bodycams of an incident in the Grain and Hop Store pub


Robinson told the court on Tuesday (March 12) that he had been specifically targeted by police because of his views on Islam.


He also said that officers “terrorised” his young children, when they followed Robinson down the street after he left the pub. Robinson alleges this caused his youngest daughter to run out into the road and almost be hit by a bus.


More here.

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