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Delingpole at Breitbart: Tommy Robinson – ‘I’m Going to Stand for Parliament’…….


It would, in fact, be highly amusing to see…




Tommy Robinson has announced that he wants to stand for parliament — either in Brussels, as an MEP, if Brexit fails, or in Westminster.


“If anyone in this country wants to really rock the boat put me in there [Parliament] because I won’t lie and I won’t hold back!” he told me when we met this month.


But that was before last Thursday’s announcement by Attorney-General Geoffrey Cox that it is “in the public interest” to bring further proceedings against Robinson for contempt of court.


As the Guardian reports:

Robinson was jailed for 13 months for contempt of court in May last year after he allegedly filmed people involved in the criminal trial of four men who were later convicted of gang-raping a teenage girl.
But a contempt finding was quashed by the court of appeal in August and he was freed on bail pending new proceedings at the Old Bailey.

If convicted, Robinson could be sent to prison once more — putting paid, at least temporarily, to his political ambitions.


There is no bar to standing for election as an MP once you are released from prison.


Robinson told me:

“If Brexit’s delayed — as I think it will be — I’ll stand as an MEP.”

But not for Westminster, surely?

“Oh I think I would. I’d need to have that discussion with UKIP. I’d stand near a Northern town, plagued with Islam. I have a love for the North East…”


More here.

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